Clio Infra - Research Infrastructure for the study of Global Inequality

Researchers involved: Jan Luiten van Zanden, Bas van LeeuwenPeter Foldvari and Auke Rijpma

One of the aims of the research carried out by the Centre is to reconstruct the long term evolution of global inequality. Economic historians are often collecting new data and putting together new datasets covering various aspects and dimensions of economic and socio-political development. It is the aim of the large research project Clio Infra to bring together the data that are available for analyzing the development of the world economy in the period since 1500. See for more information  also the Clio Infra website

Clio Infra hubs at the Centre for Global Economic History:

The Clio Infra project is carried out with scholars from various institutes within and outside the Netherlands. The Centre for Global Economic History houses a number of thematic websites with data that are part of the larger Clio Infra framework. Below you can find the links to the different hubs: