Early Economies Related Websites

Economic history of the Ottoman Empire
A website dedicated to the economic history of the Ottoman Empire for the measurement of prices, incomes, and economic welfare and for the study of the nature, causes and consequences of economic institutions.

Prices and other monetary valuations in Roman history: ancient literary evidence and modern scholarship
These data were collected by Professor Walter Scheidel and give an insight into the prices of diverse goods such as foodstuffs, raw materials, real estate, forced labour (i.e. slaves) and free labour. Professor Scheidel has used these data in his paper Real Wages in Early Economies: Evidence for Living Standards from 2000 BCE to 1300 CE. This paper is available through Princeton/Stanford Working Papers in Classics and the Social Science Research Network.

The Oxford Roman Economy Project
This website gives the results of the Oxford Roman Economy Project. This project collects and analyses all major economic activities (including agriculture, trade, commerce, and extraction), utilising quantifiable bodies of archaeological and documentary evidence and placing them in the broader structural context of regional variation, distribution, size and nature of markets, supply and demand. The project mainly focuses on the period between 100 BC and AD 300.

Papyri.info is dedicated to the study of ancient papyrological documents.  It offers links to papyrological resources, a customized search engine (called the Papyrological Navigator) capable of retrieving information from multiple related collections, and an editing application, the Papyrological Editor, which contributors can use to suggest emendations to PN texts.