Eastern European Economic History External Data

Useful links to selected data types:


South-Eastern European Monetary History Network (SEEMHN)

COBISS (Co-Operative Online Bibliographic System & Services) 


Zeitreihen zur historischen Statistik

Toolbox for doing research by Georg Fertig

Economic History Association (by historians) 

Verein für Socialpolitik (association of German economists)

Prof Baten in Tübingen

Prof Streb in Mannheim

Prof Pfister in Münster

Prof Lehmann in Hohenheim

Prof Cantoni in München

Prof Spoerer in Regensburg


Statistical Office of the Republic of Serbia

The National Library of Serbia

The Archives of Yugoslavia

The Archives of Serbia

Historical Archives of Belgrade


Statistical Office of the Republic of Slovenia

National and University Library in Ljubljana

Archives of the Republic of Slovenia

Historical Archives of Ljubljana 


 Croatian Bureau of Statistics

National and University Library in Zagreb

State Archives in Dubrovnik

State Archives in Zagreb


--------------------BOSNIA & HERZEGOVINA-------------------- 

Institute for Statistics of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina

National and University Library of Bosnia and Herzegovina

The Archives of Bosnia & Herzegovina

Historical Archives Sarajevo


State Statistical Office of the Republic of Macedonia

 National and University Library of Macedonia

State Archives of the Republic of Macedonia


Statistical Office of Montenegro

The National Library of Montenegro

State Archives of Montenegro

 --------------CZECH REPUBLIC--------------

Czech Statistical Office

National Library of the Czech Republic

Czech National Archives

Czech Ministry of internal affairs Archival fond

The Czech Archive Society


Romanian National Institute of Statistics

The National Library of Romania

The Bucharest University of Economic Studies (ASE Bucuresti) Library

Romanian National Archives  


National Statistical Institute

The National Library of Bulgaria

Republic of Bulgaria - Archives State Agency


Data on: prices, wages, interest rates or gold/silver contents of currencies (also in Eastern Europe)

Global Price and Income Hisory Group

International Institute of Social History