Eastern European Economic History Hub

Eastern European Historiography primarily suffers from a lack of common methodologies and a tendency to publish only in the local languages. The purpose of the Eastern European Economic History Hub is to facilitate the debate on the economic development of (broadly defined) Eastern Europe by promoting novel methodological advancements and connecting peers writing about the region from the ‘Eastern’ and ‘Western’ perspectives.
The Hub intends to cater for these needs by providing:
- Notice board for the relevant events and news
- Platform for on-line publications of datasets
- Selection of Working Papers
- Periodic workshops

Call for Papers

Econometric Research in Finance (ERFIN) workshop (http://conference.erfin.org), hosted by Warsaw School of Economics (Szkoła Główna Handlowa w Warszawie). The workshop will be held in Warsaw, Poland, on Friday September 16, 2016.

Deadline: June 30, 2016

Conference web page: http://conference.erfin.org.

8th Joint IOS/APB/EACES Summer Acad

WEast Workshop:

 Understanding economic growth and development  in Central and Eastern Europe

National Research University Higher School of Economics (HSE),  Moscow

2-3 September 2016

Call for Papers

Deadline: 31 March 2016

8th Joint IOS/APB/EACES Summer Academy on Central and Eastern Europe

Path Dependencies in Economic and Social Development: Institutions, Behavior, and Outcomes

June 15-17, 2016, Tutzing, Germany

Submission deadline: April 1, 2016. 

Organized by the Institute for East and Southeast European Studies (IOS Regensburg) in cooperation with the Akademie für Politische Bildung Tutzing (APB) and the European Association for Comparative Economic Studies (EACES)

We invite Ph.D. students and post-docs from economics and cognate disciplines to submit extended abstracts or full papers. Topics include, but are not limited to:

  • Cultural, economic, and institutional legacies of empires, socialist regimes, and wars
  • Long-run persistence of values and attitudes
  • Determinants of individual socioeconomic outcomes and behavior
  • Spatial and historical determinants of economic policies and development
  • Economic reforms in (post-)transition countries

Preference will be given to papers focusing on Central and Eastern Europe and the former Soviet Union.

Confirmed keynote speakers:

  • Sascha O. Becker (University of Warwick, UK)
  • Lawrence Peter King (University of Cambridge, UK)
  • Theocharis Grigoriadis (Free University of Berlin, Germany)
  • Eric M. Uslaner (University of Maryland, USA)

Submissions should include a short CV and an extended abstract (maximum 2,000 words) or a full paper. Submissions are invited online via the IOS application tool at http://www.ios-regensburg.de/veranstaltungen/summer‐academy.html. For further information, please contact summeracademy@ios-regensburg.de

WEast Workshop:

 Economics and Institutions in History
Univeristy of Economics in Prague 
1-2 July 2016

Call for Papers

Deadline: 31 January 2016

Call for Papers
Special issue of the Economic History of Developing Regions on the economic history of Eastern Europe 

CfP is available here

Call for Applications
“Managing and Organizing in Contexts of Change”
A Paper Development Workshop for PhD Students and Early Career Scholars in Central and Eastern Europe (CEE), co-sponsored by European Group for Organizational Studies (EGOS), Organization & Management Theory (OMT) Division of the Academy of Management, and Organization Studies
29-30 October 2015 University of Warsaw
CfP is available here

The interdisciplinary Max Planck graduate school for the Anthropology, Archaeology and History of Eurasia (IMPRS ANARCHIE) in Halle is searching for doctoral students with a focus on economic or demographic history, regionally on "Eurasian" projects which may include any part of Eurasia between Portugal and Japan.

German Economic History Conference

March 11–14, 2015 in Münster (Germany).

Venue: Westfälische Wilhelms-Universität, Fürstenberghaus, Domplatz 20–22, 48143 Münster.

The conference programme is available online at http://hicks.wiwi.hu-berlin.de/vfs/

Program of WEast Meeting in Budapest in January 2015 is now available 

After long and grave illness Professor Jacek Kochanowicz passed away on 2 October 2014. 

See the last lecture of the Professor HERE

Report on the EHES Summer School in Berlin published on the Positivie Check EHES Blog

Content of the Summer School
Lecture slides of Matthias Morys  on Business cycles: Concepts, measurement, case studies
Paper by Flora Macher on The Hungarian twin crisis of 1931

REPORT “State and economic freedom. Theory and practice of transition”
The aim of this report is to present and evaluate the changes which have taken place in institutions of 28 transition countries after 1989. Institutions are here understood as formal rules, including procedural and regulatory institutional solutions determining the economic and political structure of a country. Bearing this in mind, the report provides an analysis of the political system (democracy or dictatorship) and the efficiency of the state institutions, i.e. whether they ensure economic freedom and good governance. Also institutional solutions created by states were analysed, with focus on two areas particularly important for the economy: the labour market and the banking sector.

WEast Workshop:

Historical sources of development in Central and Eastern Europe

Central European University (CEU), Budapest,

9-10 January 2015

Call for Papers

Deadline: 14 October 2014

Report on the WEast Belgrade meeting published on the Positivie Check EHES Blog

European Summer School in Economic History
Humboldt University, Berlin, 1-5 September 2014
Catching up or falling behind? Institutions, geography and economic development of Eastern Europe in the long-run.
Deadline: 30th May 2014

Cliometrics of Transition
Special Issue of the Poznań University of Economics Review

Welcomed topics:
- methodological analysis of the transition processes;
- transition from central planning to capitalism: early stage transition crisis, inflation, economic policy, convergence;
- big transition with intermediate steps: from feudalism through socialism to capitalism;
- demographic transitions.

Deadline for paper submission: 30 June 2014;
Notification of the first review: 31 July;
Submission of the revised papers: 31 August;
Notification of the re-review: 30 September;
Deadline for the minor revision: 15 October;
Final notification: 20 October;
Submission of the final version: 15 November;
Expected publication date: Late Autumn/Early Winter 2014.

Journal of Karazin Kharkov National University.

Symposium on "Technology in Times of Transitions", 29 July - 2 August, 2014 in Brasov, Romania
Please, visit the website of the symposium where you will find the Call for Papers and additional information. See:http://www.icohtec.org/brasov2014/

You may submit proposals of full sessions, individual papers as well as posters with a one-page cv.

The deadline of submission is 3 February, 2014.

University of Oxford - Research Associates (4 posts): The
Jagiellonians, Memory and Identity in Central Europe

Belgrade WEast workshop, 5-6 July 2014 Belgrade
‘Understanding the Economic Development of Eastern Europe’
Deadline: end of January 2014

New Working Paper
East of Eden: Polish living standards in a European perspective, ca. 1500-1800
Malinowski, M.
Full text
Aug 2013

Upcomming Conference:
1-2 November 2013 Yale
Mini-conference on Russian Economic History at Yale

6-7 July 2013 Warsaw
Warsaw Frontier Research in Economic and Social History (FRESH) Meeting
‘Understanding the Economic Development of Eastern Europe’

New Online Dataset:
Authors: Dmitry Didenko, Péter Földvári and Bas van Leeuwen (see the Data section)

Upcomming Conference:
2014, January 23-24, Warsaw, Poland
Applications due: 2013, August 31

Upcomming Conference:
2013, April 18-19, Marburg, Germany

New Online Dataset:
Author: Nikolaus Wolf (see the Data section)