Global History of Prices and Wages Programme

August 19, 2004
Chairman: Bas van Bavel

9:00-12:30 First session : General Papers
Commentator: Bob Allen

Peter Lindert, Preliminary Global Price Comparisons, 1500-1870 (.pdf, 94 Kb), Tables (.xls, 44 Kb)

Jan Luiten van Zanden, The European skill premium in international comparative perspective, 1200-1950 (.pdf, 117 Kb)

Phil Hoffman, Why is that Europeans Ended Up Conquering the Rest of the Globe? Prices, the Military Revolution, and Western Europe's Comparative Advantage in Violence (2nd version, .pdf, 59 Kb)

14:00-17:30 Second session : Area-studies - Europe
Commentator: Sevket Pamuk

Greg Clark, Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous: Living Costs of the Rich versus the Poor in England, 1209-1869 (.pdf, 282 Kb)

Paolo Malanima, Labour, Productivity, Wages in Italy, 1270-1913 (.pdf, 125 Kb), Tables (.pdf, 68 Kb)

Boris Mironov, Prices and Wages in St.Petersburg for Three Centuries (1703-2003) (.pdf, 67 Kb)

David Jacks, What Drove Nineteenth Century Commodity Market Integration? (.pdf, 186 Kb)

August 20, 2004
Chairman: Maarten Prak

9:00-12:30 Third session : Middle East & Africa
Commentator: Phil Hoffman

Johan Söderberg, Prices in the Medieval Near East and Europe (.pdf, 114 Kb)

Sevket Pamuk, Urban Real Wages in Constantinople-Istanbul,1100-2000 (.pdf, 35 Kb), Figures (.pdf, 38 Kb)

Metin Coşgel, Agricultural Productivity in Eastern Europe and Western Asia in the Fifteenth and Sixteenth Centuries (.pdf, 235 Kb)

14:00-17:30 Fourth session : Asia
Commentator: Jan Lucassen (IISH)

Robert C. Allen, Mr. Lockyer Meets the Index Number Problem: the Standard of Living in Canton and London in 1704 (.pdf, 168 Kb)

Najaf Haider, Prices and Wages in India (1200-1800): Source Material, Historiography and New Directions (.pdf, 219 Kb)

Seong Ho Jun and James B. Lewis, Labour Costs, Land Prices, Land Rent, and Interest Rates in the Southern Region of Korea (1700 to 1900) (.pdf, 209 Kb), Tables and Figures (.pdf, 358 Kb), Bibliography (.pdf, 334 Kb), Glossary and Map (.pdf, 241 Kb)

Bas van Leeuwen, Wage Differentials and Economic Growth in India, Indonesia, and Japan, 1800-2000 (.pdf, 497 Kb)

August 21, 2004
Chairman: Jan Luiten van Zanden

9:00-12:30 Fifth session : Latin America and PPP Comparisons
Commentator: Peter Scholliers (VU Brussels)

Martin Cuesta, Prices and Economic Change. The Espacio Peruano Region, 1591-1790 (.pdf, 65 Kb)

Debin Ma, Fukao Kyoji and Yuan Tang-juan, Price Level and GDP in pre-War East Asia: a 1934-36 Benchmark Consumption Purchasing Power Parity Analysis for China, Japan, Korea and Taiwan (.pdf, 450 Kb)
Table A1 (.pdf, 86 Kb), Table A2 (.pdf, 67 Kb), Table A3 (.pdf, 58 Kb), Table A4 (.pdf, 64 Kb)

Marianne Ward and John Devereux, Relative British and American Income Levels during the First Industrial Revolution (.pdf, 156 Kb)

14:00 Sixth session : Work in Progress

Christine Moll-Murata, Chinese Price and Wage Data of the Seventeenth and Eighteenth Centuries: Availability and Problems (.pdf, 13 Kb)

Jean-Pascal Bassino, Debin Ma, Japanese Wages and Living Standards in 1720-1913: an International Comparison (.pdf, 327 Kb)

15:00 Final session
General discussion on the global prices and wages project (Peter Lindert, Bob Allen, Jan Luiten van Zanden)