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Agricultural long time series for Hungary
This website of the Hungarian Central Statistical Office presents data on agriculture stretching back to 1851.

Bristol customs accounts and port books, 1503-1600
This site contains excel files of customs accounts and port books of Bristol.

Catalogue of Norwegian official statistics 1828-1976
This site contains an overview of historical statistics of Norway. Some of the data can be downloaded.

Database Dutch herring fisheries, 1500-1795
This site contains information on Dutch herring fisheries. It also contains a dataset with average yearly catch per city and for Holland as a whole.

Data hub "Heights and Biological Standard of Living"
Datasets on Germany, USA, France, and Austria on heights stretching back to the 18th century.

Data hub "Historical Prices and Wages"
The Historical Prices and Wages site is intended as a data hub. It tries to make available historical prices and wages both by offering datasets and by referring to sites with historical data. It also contains a calculator which allows the user to calculate the value of the Dutch guilder for any year between 1450 and the current year.

Data hub "History of Work"
The Hisory of Work site provides a classificationa nd description of occupational titles from countries arund the world from the sixteenth to the twentieth century.

Data hub "Human Capital"
The Human Capital hub website tries to make available historical series on human capital both by offering datasets and by referring to sites with historical data.

Digital South Asia Library
This website constains statistical abstracts of British India with statistics (both in digital book-form and in Excel) over the period 1840-1920.

Dutch historical statistics, 1800-1999
This publication (in Dutch: 200 jaar statistiek in tijdreeksen) contains time series on climate, GDP, population, agricture, and prices.

Dutch imports and taxes, ca. 1700-1900
This website maintained by George Welling presents several Datasets on Dutch taxes and imports in the eighteenth century.

Dutch National Accounts, 1800-1913
Contains a both a description of the project and estimates of Dutch GDP and its components over the period 1800-1913.

Economic History Society deposited datasets
Currently two datsets are available: R.C. Allen, 'Progress and poverty in Early Modern Europe,', and P. King, 'The production and consumption of bar iron in early modern England and Wales'. databases on monetary-, export-, population-, and wheat price statistics
The datasets included are:
Biweekly Data on the Confederate Grayback Note Price of a Gold Dollar in Richmond and Houston
Developing Country Export Statistics: 1840, 1860, 1880 and 1900
Early Forward Exchange Markets: Vienna, 1876-1914
Early U.S. Securities Prices, 1790-1860
Global Financial Data, 1880-1913
Greenback Series
Historical Labor Statistics Project Series
U.S. Agricultural Workforce,1800-1900
U.S. Customs House Data, 1854-59
U.S. Government Bond Trading Database, 1776-1835
U.S. National Bank Notes, 1864-1935
U.S. Population Series
U.S. Public Debt Issues, 1775-1976
Unskilled wage index, U.S.
Weekly Data on Confederate Cotton Bond Prices in London and Junk Bond Prices in Amsterdam
Biweekly Data on the Confederate Grayback Note Price of a Gold Dollar in Richmond and Houston

Enqueste 1494 and Informacie 1514
From this website you can download the Enqueste of 1494 and the Infomacie of 1514. Both sources were surveys held by the government into the economic situation in Holland and provide a wealth of economic data.

Estatísticas do Século XX
This site on Brasil is divided into a part on population, social, political, and cultural statistics and a part on economic statistics, including prices. The data go back to the early twentieth century.

Global Price and Income History Group
This site consists of historical data on prices, wages, and conversion rates from all over the world. It also contains a list of related publications and working papers.

Groningen Growth and Development Center
The GGDC has series on GDP, population, and per capita GDP on an extensive set of countries around the world stretching back to 1950.

Hadley Centre Central England Temperature (HadCET) dataset, ca. 1659-2008
The CET dataset is the longest instrumental record of temperature in the world. The mean, minimum and maximum datasets are updated monthly, with data for a month normally available by the 20th of the next month. A provisional CET for the current month is calculated on a daily basis. The mean daily data begins in 1772 and the mean monthly data in 1659. Mean maximum and minimum daily and monthly data are also available, beginning in 1878.

Historical Census Statistics on the Foreign Born Population of the United States 1850-1990 (1999)
This site contains the text of a paper by Campbell J. Gibson and Emily Lennon which was published as US Bureau of the Census Population Division Working Paper no.29 in 1999. It provides a set of detailed statistical information on immigrant populations during the period 1850-1990, with figures being taken from the dicennial censuses. Data available includes: age and sex distribution of the foreign born population, mother tongue, regional distribution within the USA and distribution of immigrants within metropolitan areas.

Historical Monetary Statistics of Sweden 1668-2008
This datset contains a consumer price index 1290-2006, wages from 1540, exchange rates 1290-1834 and foreign exchanges from 1658 onwards, money supply from 1871 onwards, stock exchange from 1856 onwards, and central government loans from 1668 onwards.

Historical Monetary Statistics of Norway 1819-2003
The focus of this project has been to construct long time series of high quality for consumer prices, nominal bond yields, monetary aggregates, indicators of real activity (GDP), exchange rates, stock price indices, house prices and bank lending from 1819 onwards.

Historical statistics of Canada
This site contains several wage series, some starting as early as 1905, disaggregated per occupational category and sex. Equally, import –and export prices, wholesale and retail prices are available, some from 1867. Further, this site has GDP estimates available from 1926 to 1976 using both the production and expenditure approach.

Historical statistics of Iceland
This site of the National Economic Institute of Iceland contains data on Gross Domestic Product, Gross National Product and value of fixed assets, National Expenditure, General government, Industrial profitability and gross domestic factor income by industries, Labour market, Prices, earnings and working hours, Foreign trade, Foreign debt, Monetary and exchange rate matters, International comparison. Some series go back to 1901. is a portal for historical statistics, with the main focus on macroeconomic data on Sweden in the 19th and 20th centuries. Series are presented, for example, on GDP, inflation, employment, interest rates, exchange rates, population, money supply, capital stocks, worked hours, wages, profit rates and business cycle indicators. It also contains links to websites with international statistics.

Historical statistics of Japan
Based on the "Historical Statistics of Japan (First Edition)" issued in 1987-1988, this websites contains time-series data covering various fields including land, population, economy, society and culture. The statistics covered in this publication ranges over a period of 135 years from 1868 to 2002.

Historical statistics of Newfoundland and Labrador
The Historical Statistics of Newfoundland and Labrador contain monthly price indices of several categories of goods from 1951 to 1969 and monthly data on wages from 1951 to 1969 for several categories of labour.

John Munro's website with historical statistics on price and wages
This personal webpage of John Munro contains, among others, historical series of textiles, prices and wages in Holland and England between ca. 1300 and 1700.

History of Marine Animal Populations
This website comprises time series of commercial catches of some 73 species of fish and mammal, and extends to over 240,000 records covering the period 1611-2000.

HNAG Database of Irish Historical Statistics
This site contains miscellaneous historical series stretching as far back as 1700.

Inequality among world citizens, 1820-1992
The webpage of François Bourguignon and Christian Morrisson that contains their data and sources for "Inequality among world citizens: 1820- 1992". This includes a detailed description, references to literature as well as their inequality data set, per capita GDP, population, and life expectancy that covers 11 benchmark years between 1820 and 1992.

Lund University Macroeconomic and Demographic Database (LU-MADD)
This websites hosts historical datasets on "Money and Finance", "Population", "Prices and Wages", and the "Swedish Historical National Accounts 1800-2000".

Measuring worth: Six Ways to Compute the Relative Value of a U.S. Dollar Amount, 1790 - 2006
This site allows you to calculate how much a certain amount in USD from any year between 1790 and 2006 is worth in another year. In order to do so, you can make use of either the CPI, GDP deflator, consumer bundle, unskilled wage, GDP per capita, and (the relative share of) GDP, series of which can also be found on that site together with the historical GDP, GDP deflator, CPI, earnings, and population of the UK including benchmarks for 1300 and 1688.

Netherlands Historical Data Archive (DANS)
The Netherlands Historical Data Archive (DANS) collects research data sets containing historical information. It now has a system called DANS EASY for online depositing and downloading of data. Full information is on the About page. The datasets contain data pertaining to the following subjects/disciplines: colonial history, cultural history, historical demography, history of law, occupations and taxes, prosopography, socio-economic history and urban history, history of trade and shipping.

Norwegian Historical Data Centre (NHDC)
The Norwegian Historical Data Centre (NHDC) is a national institution under the Faculty of Social Science at the University of Tromsř. The main aim of NHDC is to computerise the Norwegian censuses from 1865 onwards together with the parish registers and other sources from the 18th and 19th centuries. The ultimate goal is a national population register for the 18th and 19th centuries, primarily for research purposes, but also for the benefit of schools, genealogists, local historians, etc. P The Data Center consists of two departments: the department of administration and research at the University campus in Tromsř, and the department of registration in the municipality of Mĺlselv.

Oxford Latin American Economic History Database
The Oxford Latin American Economic History Database (OxLAD) contains statistical series for a wide range of economic and social indicators, including prices, covering twenty countries in the region for the period 1900-2000.

Pages on Danish Economic History
This website contains historical monetary- and price series.

Personal website of Angus Maddison
This website contains historical series of GDP (in 1990 GK dollars) and population for a large number of countries, stretching back to around 1820.

Prices and Wages in S.-Petersburg 1853-1910
The Faculty of History of the Moscow State University offers on above site (only main page in English) four databases with economic history data on Russia in the second half of the nineteenth century. The first database links to the wages of construction workers and the price behaviour of bread in S.-Petersburg (1853-1910).

Provincial finances in the days of the Republic of the United Netherlands, ca 1550-1795
This project provides access to the most important data on public finance in the Netherlands prior to 1795. Currently available are data on Drenthe, Friesland, Groningen, Holland, Overijssel, and Utrecht.

Soviet Economic Statistical Series
This dataset is part of the databases of the Slavic Research Centre of the Hokkaido University. It contains information on national income, capital formation, industrial sectors, and prices starting around 1950.

Statistical Yearbook of the League of Nations
This site contains the integral Statistical Yearbook of the League of Nations between 1926 and 1944. This contains all sorts of data, including population, price, and banking data.

Three centuries of English crops yields, 1211-1491
This websites contains a wealth of data on yields per seed derived from English manorial accounts over the period 1211-1491.

Wages, Prices & Living Standards: The World-Historical Perspective
This site, maintained by Bob Alen, consists of a series of wages of craftsmen and labourers in several European cities from the Middle Ages to World War I.

Wheat and transport cost data, 1850-1900
This website maintained by Karl Gunnar Persson contains weekly price series of wheat in New York and London together with weekly transport costs and exchange rate. All are used in his paper 'Mind the Gap! Transport Costs and Price Convergence in the 19th Century Atlantic Economy', European Review of Economic History, Vol. 8 (2) 2004.