Indonesia - Economic Growth and Institutional Change Programme

Venue: IISG, Cruquiusweg 31, Amsterdam

Monday 25 February 2002

10.00   Opening

10.15   Session I. National Accounts of Indonesia
Chair: Dr. J. Thomas Lindblad (University of Leiden)

10.15   Dr. Pierre van der Eng (Australian National University, Canberra):
'Indonesia’s growth experience in the 20th century: Evidence, queries, guesses'
Text (PDF file, 100 kb.)
Discussant: Dr. Jan-Pieter Smits (University of Groningen)

11.30   Prof. Jan Luiten van Zanden (University of Utrecht/IISG):
'Economic growth in Java 1820-1940. Is it possible to reconstruct the historical national accounts of (19th century) Java?'
Abstract | Text (PDF file, 101 kb.)
Discussant: Prof. Peter Boomgaard (University of Amsterdam/KITLV)

12.30   Lunch

13.15   Session II. Institutional Change in Indonesia
Chair: Prof. Peter Boomgaard (University of Amsterdam/KITLV)

13.15   Prof. Howard Dick (University of Melbourne):
State, politics, society and institutional learning. Lessons of the 20th Century
Abstract | Text (PDF file, 69 kb.)
Discussant: Prof. Jan Luiten van Zanden (University of Utrecht/IISG)

14.15   Dr. Bambang Purwanto (Gadjah Mada University, Yogyakarta):
'Peasant economy and institutional change in late colonial Indonesia'
Text (PDF file, 189 kb.)
Discussant: Dr. Freek Colombijn (University of Leiden)

15.15   Tea

15.30   Dr. Mudrajad Kuncoro (Gadjah Mada University, Yogyakarta):
'A quest of industrial district: An empirical study of small and cottage industries in Java'
Abstract | Text (PDF file, 730 Kb.)
Discussant: Dr. Marcel Timmer (University of Groningen)

16.30   Reception

Tuesday 26 February 2002

10.00   Session III. Trends in the Late Colonial Period
Chair: Dr. Bambang Purwanto (Gadjah Mada University, Yogyakarta)

10.00   Prof. Peter Boomgaard (University of Amsterdam/KITLV):
'From subsistence crises to trade cycle depressions, 1800-1940'
Abstract | Text (PDF file, 239 Kb.)
Discussant: Prof. Anne Booth (University of London)

11.00   Coffee

11.15   Dr. Jeroen Touwen (University of Leiden):
'Accelerations in Java Sea trade. Foreign and domestic trade and shipping in late colonial Indonesia, 1870-1940'
Abstract | Text (PDF file, 346 Kb.)
Discussant: Dr. Mudrajad Kuncoro (Gadjah Mada University, Yogyakarta)

12.15   Prof. Anne Booth (University of London):
'Growth Collapses in Indonesia: A Comparison of the 1930s and the 1990s'
Text (PDF file, 70 Kb.)
Discussant: Prof. Howard Dick (University of Melbourne)

13.15   Lunch

14.00   Session IV. The Transition Period 1930-1970
Chair: Prof. Jan Luiten van Zanden (University of Utrecht/IISG)

14.00   Dr. J. Thomas Lindblad (University of Leiden):
'The importance of indonesianisasi during the transition from the 1930s to the 1960s'
Abstract | Text (PDF file, 65 kb.) | Diagram (Excel spreadsheet, 56 kb.) Discussant: Dr. Willem Korthals Altes

15.00   Concluding discussion