The Return of the Guilds Programme

Thursday 5 October 2006
Venue: Kannunikkenzaal Faculty Club, Utrecht

9:00 Opening by Maarten Prak (Utrecht University) and Patrick O'Brien (LSE/GEHN)

9:20-12:00 Regional surveys of guilds in Asia, chaired by Maarten Prak (Utrecht University)

9:20 Christine Moll-Murata (Utrecht University), Chinese Guilds in the Qing Dynasty (1644-1911): An Overview (.pdf, 122Kb)

9:50 Tirthankar Roy (LSE), The guild in modern South Asia (.pdf, 116Kb)

10:20 Coffee break

10:40 Mary Louise Nagata (Ecole des Hautes Etudes en Sciences Sociales, Paris), Brotherhoods and Stock Societies: Guilds in Pre-modern Japan (.pdf, 54Kb)

11:10 John Chalcraft (LSE), Market Tyrannies, Popular History, and the End of the Guilds in Egypt (.pdf, 51Kb)

11:40 Comments by Jan Luiten van Zanden (Utrecht University/IISH), followed by general discussion

12.30 Lunch

14:00-17:00 Regional surveys of guilds in Europe, chaired by Jan Luiten van Zanden (Utrecht University)

14:00 Josef Ehmer (Salzburg University), Specific characteristics of Central European guilds (15h-19th centuries): Results of research and fields of discussion

14:30 Luca Mocarelli (Milan University), The guilds reappraised: Italy in early modern period (.pdf, 94Kb)

15:00 Maarten Prak (Utrecht University), Craft Guilds in North-Western Europe (England, France, Low Countries) (.pdf, 72Kb)

15:30 Coffee/tea break

15:45-17:00 Comments by Debin Ma (LSE) (.pdf, 8Kb), followed by general discussion

18:00 Dinner at restaurant Luden

Friday 6 October 2006
Venue: Fundatie van Renswoude

9.00-12.30 Themes 1, chaired by Tine De Moor (Utrecht University)

9:00 Clare Crowston (University of Illinois), Women, Gender and Guilds in Early Modern Europe (.pdf, 92Kb)

9:30 Bert de Munck (Antwerpen University), How did guilds define human capital? 'Social capital in the creation of human capital' in Antwerp guilds, 15th and 16th century (.pdf, 72Kb)

10:00 Oscar Gelderblom (UU) and Regina Grafe (Oxford University) How to Beat (Very) Imperfect Markets? Re-thinking the Comparative Study of Commercial Institutions in Pre-modern Europe (.pdf, 201Kb)

10:30 Coffee/tea break

10:45 Hugo Soly (Free University of Brussels), The Political Economy of European Craft Guilds: Power Relations and Economic Strategies of Merchants and Master Artisans in Medieval and Early Modern Textile Industries (.pdf, 91Kb)

11:15 Comments by Philippe Minard (Université Paris-8 and EHESS-Paris), followed by general discussion

12:30 Lunch at conference location

14:00-17:00 Themes 2, chaired by Oscar Gelderblom (Utrecht University)

14:00 Tine de Moor (UU) The silent revolution. The emergence of commons, guilds and other forms of corporate collective action in Western Europe from a new perspective (.pdf, 121Kb)

14:30 Larry Epstein (LSE), Innovation (.pdf, 23Kb)

15:00 Gary Richardson, Michael McBride (UC-Irvine) Religion, Occupation, and Cooperation: The Case of the Craft Guild (.pdf, 285Kb)

15:30 Cofee/tea break

15:45-17.00 Comments by Maarten Prak (Utrecht University), followed by general discussion

18:00 Dinner

Saturday 7 October 2006
Venue: Fundatie van Renswoude

9:00-12:30 Regional surveys of guilds, chaired by Tine De Moor (Utrecht University)

9:00 Onur Yildirim, Ottoman Guilds (1600-1826): A Survey (.pdf, 64Kb)

9:30 Suraiya Faroqhi (Munich University), Purchasing guild- and craft-based offices in the Ottoman central lands (.pdf, 192Kb)

10:00 Comments by Lex Heerma-van Voss (IISG, Amsterdam)

10:30 Coffee/tea break

10:45 Closing remarks

  • Ariadne Schmidt (IISH)
  • Jan Lucassen (Amsterdam University/IISH)
  • Maarten Prak (Utrecht University)

12.30 Lunch